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14th April
At the full council meeting 6th April the council agreed for Thameswey to take over the "regeneration" and for the "regeneration" to proceed.
Our local Labour ward councillors along with some Liberals and Independents made very good arguments against the current "regeneration" plans, loss of the recreation ground, the Compulsory Purchase of private good quality homes, and total lack of any meaningful consultation with residents. However the ruling Conservatives along with some liberals passed the regeneration 18 votes for to 8 votes against.


3rd April

Council Executive agree the regeneration and it now goes to full council on 6th April. Thameswey to take over the regeneration there, will NOT be any one bed flats and present council tenants will be moved from Sheerwater during phase two. For the full council papers visit council website or Civic offices.


17th March 2017

Woking Council have agreed to the Residents Association request that the next two council meeting will be broadcast live from the Parkview Centre.
The Executive meeting of 23rd March and the full Council meeting of 6th April will decide on The Sheerwater Regeneration.
These meetings will have an impact and all our lives for the foreseeable future. Come to Parkview on these dates and watch your future unfold, the meetings start at 7pm (19:00) arrive early to get a seat!

3rd February 2017
Sheerwater Residents open letter to all councillors and MP

Dear Councillor,
Since the planning committee approved the planning application for the Sheerwater Regeneration from NVH in July 2016, the residents of Sheerwater have had no communication from Woking Borough Council officers or New Vision Homes.
One letter from the CEO indicated that a decision on the regeneration would be made by Woking Borough Council and sent to all residents affected by November/December 2016, it is now February 2017 and no communication has been forthcoming.
This is a situation that the residents did not imagine that they would be in given the vast amount of money spent on the ISSP, in the region of ¬£250,000 and the promise to ‘do better’ made by the council.
The report reiterated many of the compounding issues and concerns that residents of Sheerwater and surrounding wards had previously raised to council. May we remind you that forty-one recommendations were made and notably one of the key elements of the report was cited as poor communication which especially related to Woking Borough Council.
The residents accept that regeneration is desperately required for some parts of the estate, as outlined in Woking 2027 Local Development Plan. Sheerwater residents would be more than welcome to engage and assist in this venture and this has been repeatedly communicated.  Absolutely a critical factor and something that should have been done at the first stage as indicated by Council Officers and New Vision Home employees.
The continuing lack of engagement has been quite evident, with over 1,600 residents affected by lack of communication and uncertainty and rumour. This muddled process has caused many, untold upset, distress, anxiety, and illness which has greatly affected people’s general well being, mental and physical health and family life. This situation sadly, continues to increase.
To this extent, many residents have already taken legal and professional advice on this matter.
Given the rumour, that NVH are not now involved with the project, the residents now feel that three to four years have been wasted on a project that could have achieved so much for Sheerwater with the correct professional input and cohesive approach.
Within the Woking development plan document from October 2012 ref: statements cs5 and cs19, the council stated that they will bring their own land forward for development, i.e. within the ‘blue’ zone. This area alone is where all residents agree that any regeneration should be focussed.

Lack of communication by Woking Borough Council has also extended to the professional legal advisors that have been instructed by over 60 residents to challenge the CPO. There have been no

answers arising from the many and repeated questions raised to the CEO’s office in regards to the charters and phone calls have not been returned. We have a clear audit trail in this respect.
The residents hope that all these shortcomings will be fully explored during the expected judicial review, pubic inquiry and possible application to the European Court. Yet another very time consuming and expensive process for Woking Taxpayers which could have been avoided had the council behaved in a more appropriate manner.



January 2017
Residents Association raise their concerns over pollution levels in Sheerwater with ward councillors.

November 2016
Article in a local paper that New Vision Homes have been removed from the Sheerwater "Regeneration" project and Woking BC company Thameswey are to get the contract.

October 2016
Sheerwater Recreation Ground becomes an Asset of Community Value

Woking council Planning Committee passed New Visions Homes "Hybrid" planning application. The plan which includes six storey blocks of flats now has to go to full council for final approval.
Sheerwater residents vow to fight on

Ray Morgan COE states on local radio "if you don't like it you can all leave the borough"

July 2016
Residents association starts procedure to get recreation ground listed as an asset of community value.

November 2015
New Vision Homes submit Sheerwater Regeneration planning application.

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