This page represents the Sheerwater Associations view of the regeneration proposed by Woking Borough Council.

Below the BLUE outline is the original Sheerwater regeneration plan proposed by Woking Council and is mainly council owned properties.

The outline in RED is the area that New Vision Homes have been granted planning permission for, by Woking Council, against the wishes of Sheerwater residents.

To enable the "Master Plan" (New Vision Homes words) Woking Council stated objective is to compulsory purchase over 160 privately owned, good quality family homes and demolish them to make way for "high cost minimal size commuter properties" (SRA words). This if allowed to proceed it will force current Sheerwater residents out of the borough and destroy the Sheerwater community.

SRA are not opposed to a regeneration but require the regeneration to return to the original agreed blue outlined area. We do not wish to have our recreation ground and running track built on. It is of further concern that the recreation ground currently is a flood plain/sponge preventing flooding to other areas of Sheerwater. The SRA believes the recent flooding in Albert Drive was a direct result of the new Albert Drive extension road directing flood water into Sheerwater. Below is an Environment agency plan of flood zones in Sheerwater.

Areas in light blue are flood zone 2, one below the higest level

SRA have engaged the services of Sawyer Fielding Ltd to help residents and private Landlords on the Sheerwater estate. Dan is a Chartered Surveyor who specialises in Compulsory Purchase, a rarity in the property consultancy world. He has worked on some of the largest and most high profile regeneration schemes in the country and is already appointed by a large number of property owners on our estate. Having worked for home owners, acquiring authorities and developers, he is well versed in the arguments both sides can make and is very well respected within his specialism

Dan can be contacted on 0800 058 2524 or 07901 666078 or by email at:
More information about Sawyer Fielding can be found at:
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Below is the link to the government website that gives information on how compulsory purchase should proceed. There are five booklets.

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