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Sheerwater residents association (SRA) was first formed in the 1950's and ran for many years publishing the famous Pylon magazine. It was reformed in 2013 by residents concerned that their views were being ignored by Woking Council (WC) that council were running down the area both verbally and physically.
The principle concerns raised at the public residents meeting were;

That the scale of the proposed regeneration would fragment and dispersed an established community.

The roads and pavements were poorly maintained.

Pollution from road vehicles.

Speeding traffic.

Loss of the recreation ground and playing fields public space.

Levels of litter and fly tipping.

All the above issues are currently ongoing with varied levels of success.

The SRA is a not for profit association and is funded by resident donation with local residents giving their time on a voluntary basis. Membership is open to all residents (free) in the Sheerwater area.

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